In 2018, I quit the rat race.

I was an associate director of a prestigious private bank, got my CFA charterholder and was earning a good 6-figure income.

But somehow deep down inside, something was missing.

I was uncomfortable with the rigid structure and politics of banking.

And I was just tired of pouring through the endless restructuring of bankrupt companies that had lost clients so much money.

Knowing myself as a quiet worker, I realized the harder I worked, the more burnt out I got. My face would look crumpled, back shoulders tense and sometimes, I didn’t even dare look at my work phone. Some nights before I sleep, I get heart palpitations and sweaty palms.

The toughest thing about this was I loved financial markets, yet I knew I couldn’t survive the corporate world.

The truth was, I felt I was always exchanging my time away for a paycheck.

On the side, I kept saving and investing (this saved my life).

When I knew I was financially secure with a comfortable 6-figure portfolio (you don’t need $million btw), I left.

Today, I’m a full-time investor, grew a financial blog to more than 30,000 readers a month, been invited to speak at conferences (Singapore Exchange, Invest Fair, REIT Symposium), featured on news media (Channel News Asia, Yahoo! Finance, CNA938 Live, MoneyFM89.3) and became a regular radio guest host.

Along the way, I’ve also helped more than 240+ of my Diligence community members grow their portfolios (some up to $100k dividends). More importantly, I finally fulfilled my personal mission to help my mom build a retirement portfolio.

I enjoy what I do – choosing how I want to spend my life and time. And not get beholden by a big organization.

Now, I want to share 2 key lessons along the way:

  • No one looks after your money better than yourself.
  • It’s not worth exchanging your time to build other people’s work

Sometimes, investing can be simple.

Willie Keng, CFA

CEO and Founder, Dividend Titan

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