"Watch Me Uncover the Power Stack of Picking a Dividend Winner"
-- Right in Front of Your Eyes

Go behind-the-scenes at this Power Stack of proven recipe I use to safely pick stocks that multiply your investment income painlessly.

You may think I’m crazy…

Unbelievable even…

or you probably feel like it’s another of those online courses.

Let me show you.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve used a simple, proven recipe to safely handpick solid dividend growers without burning your weekends, or overworking yourself. 

And the best part, you don’t have to sink in a lot of time to do constant stock research.

I’ve even used this for my clients, families and friends over and over again. I’ll introduce you to Grace, a close friend of mine. 

Grace lost 70% of her total net worth. The thing is, life isn’t always a bed of roses. Sometimes sh*t just happens. Grace lost her savings in a gold investment scheme recommended by her friend. She was devastated.

She confided in me and I shared with her all my notes on how to make hey money back. Little did I know she copied every single word of it, and used it to rebuild her savings. 

"Hop on The Gravy Train"

Source: Yahoo! Finance, Cisco Systems

Using the “Wide Moat”, I quickly discovered a stock which has massive growth potential in switches, routers and networking products. I invested into Cisco Systems and later cashed out for a solid +99% gain.

If you’d put $10,000 into the stock then, you’d have pocketed a handsome $9,900 profit right there.

Source: Yahoo! Finance, Mastercard Inc

By tapping on “Growing Dividends”I received a perpetual stream of dividends rolling in, even during this pandemic. 

Including both capital gains AND dividends, Mastercard Inc has made me +169% gains

The “Right Ticket Price” helped me timed the best entry level to buy a stock, not only saving myself from avoiding buying when the market peaks, but maximizing my yield and returns on Nike Inc. 

Look. It’s not about impressing you with a +335% gain, but hoping to impress upon you what this Power Stack can do for you, painlessly.

"It's All About Winning the Money Game"

And this list is not exhaustive. You can uncover the secret hiding places of the stock market to find these profitable winners. 

The question is… Can you pick them consistently?

Most importantly, is there a way to unlock these gems giving you both capital gains AND dividends safely?

Once you get into the inner workings of each of The Power Stack, the answer is Yes.

Today I want to show you exactly how I did it.

Hi there, I'm Willie Keng, founder of an investment consulting practice. I help business owners and investment firms grow their business. As a devoted investor, I built DividendTitan.com in the pursuit of personal freedom.

The truth is, when it comes to dividend investing, you don’t have to start from scratch

There’s no need to do it all by yourself. You can count on what works. 

Here’s the Power Stack you want to use:

Don’t make life hard for yourself.

If you don’t have our proven Power Stack recipe, you’re only causing yourself agony. It took me 10 years to figure this out. 

You don’t want to go through the same path as I did.

If you’re cooking for your family, would you create recipes from scratch? No, you’d Google a recipe, change it to your taste and start cooking.

If you’re an architect, would you relearn how to draw every time? No, you’d have a few fundamentals and framework in your pocket. 

The same is true to making money and growing your wealth. 

You don’t need to start all over. You can save yourself all the time, the stress and not go through all the failures like I did.

Let me ask you, would you want to come home tired from work, then still have to burn through evenings after evenings trying to “figure things out”?

I admit it. I did.

Why wouldn’t you start with The Power Stack recipe that is proven?

"It Shouldn't Be Scrambled Eggs"

I made 2 huge mistakes when I first started investing.

The first problem was treating stocks like pieces of paper. I tried to predict which stocks were going up and traded heavily using a trading software. I was thrilled when I made money. 

But when the market went down one day, everything stopped working. 

I froze in front of my computer, my heart skipped a beat as I watched all my savings flushed down the drain. 

The very next thing I did was sent the software straight to the bin.

The second problem was also bad but in a different way. I wanted to learn investing properly this time. I tore through all the investing books I could find – Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, Howard Marks, Seth Klarman, Philip Fisher and more. Following closely exactly what they did. 

My devotion even drove me to complete the CFA Program.

I didn’t stop there. I tried running my own little fund at one point. 

And when I said “running my own little fund”, I pretty much mean “running it to the ground.”

I pooled $50,000 from my mom, sister and favorite aunt…

…only to lose all of it in a single stock.

I was inspired by these investing heroes I wanted to be like them. Except the cape I was wearing were full of holes. 

I’d make huge bets on a few stocks, hoping I’d rake in the big bucks like how these “hedgies” do it, then fly off to The Bahamas sipping on my Bahama Mama.

I tried everything the pros did – high-tech growth investing, special situations, “turnarounds”, small-cap investing. 

Concentrating on a handful of stocks. I found out these only work if you’d committed 24/7 of your life constantly researching on a stock or have an army of analysts digging the trenches for you. 

I know because I used to be one of those analysts sweating in those trenches on Wall Street.

But what if you have a full-time job doing this alone?

Or have family commitments to take care of?

Or not wishing to spend the entire weekend just to read financial reports after reports?

That’s when I knew I needed a different approach.

What I discovered will surprise you. 

There’s a much simpler way to do this. People don’t talk about it because they think it’s slow and boring. They think it’s “investing in a wheelchair”, because everyone just wants to hear “get rich quick”.

This recipe alone turbocharged my investment income by another 100 – 200% MORE.

One of my students, and a very good friend Goh T.P., was so excited: “Previously, my investing style is like a rabbit, hit-and-misses. But Willie’s strategy is like a tortoise. He teaches us how to be slow and steady, and increased my chanced of winning in the market. This is definitely a big step up from traditional investing.”

"The Truth About Profitable Investing"

They often say: “Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.” 

I’d say “Risk comes from trying to know too much, because it stops you from doing anything.” 

Investing is knowing enough to buy a stock, without all that time-consuming research.

For a start, we used this Power Stack of proven recipe to rebuild my one of my client’s portfolio from negative $100,000 and turned it profitable to over $500,000 within just 3 years.

Today, I’m using this exact recipe to manage my family’s fund and it has achieved a decent 5-figure investment profits over the past 5 years.

If you want to safely create a dividend machine and run it like clockwork, you need to pick companies with a “Wide Moat”, “Growing Dividends” and “Right Ticket Price”.

It’s simple, and I’ll show you how to do that without painfully running through ALL the mindless readings of annual reports.

I’ll give you a bird’s eye view of what’s needed to pick dividend growers that will make you money year after year.

5 Invisible Tapes That Kill Your Financial Goals (And Yourself)

Invisible Tape #1: But I don’t have any experience or knowledge in stocks, and I don’t wish to lose my hard-earn money.”

Invisible Tape #2: “I know I should invest, but stocks seem very risky.”

Invisible Tape #3: “Stock prices look so high now, I don’t want to buy at the market peak.”

Invisible Tape #4: “There are so many stocks out there, so many ways to buy and sell them, and so many reports to read and analyse. I feel overwhelmed.”

Invisible Tape #5: “I don’t have a lot of money to get started.”

How many of these tapes do you carry?

Most people never achieve their financial goals because of these tapes they keep with them. 

Instead, they’ll tell themselves:

  • “I’ll hold my savings in a low interest cash account because it’s safe.”
  • “I’ll Google “how to achieve your first million” and jump from one trendy formula to the next.”
  • “I’ll attend seminars after seminars by self-proclaimed gurus. One of these expensive courses will work out for me.”

Don’t do this.

There’s a much better way to learn investing. 

You won’t find this in a random Google search or have to pay for a $10,000 seminar.

"If You'd Want to Quit Your Job Some Day"

You can learn this yourself if you put in time and effort. I poured in 10 years of my life learning everything the hard way – trial and error. 

Not to forget losses I made along the way. 

If you’re already in your late 30s and 40s, do you still want to spend another 10 years of your life trying to fix your investments?

You can skip all the hard work and save yourself the pain by investing into a fund but the fees will eat away your returns. 

And there’s no guarantee the fund manager will continue to give you that consistent returns over the next 5, 10 years or even 20 years. 

Studies have shown more than 75% of mutual fund managers don’t outperform the S&P 500 index.

That’s why we focus on The Power Stack. Like a cooking recipe, it’s simple to follow. This will get you started immediately from zero to profitable painlessly.

Let me show you how this is done.

"How to Grow Your Dividend Income like Clockwork While Cutting Your Risks by Half"

You’ve already seen some winners we made from the past.

How about now?

Active Portfolio Since Nov 2018

The Power Stack recipe your first class-ticket to design your life by riding on a perpetual stream of dividends. 

Imagine this…

Would you like to eat whatever you want at your favorite restaurant without ever worrying about the bill?

Would you like to take Fridays off from work to spend more time with your family?

How about that year long Europe trip you’ve always dreamed of?

How about contributing to society in a massive way through supporting charities, donating to communities, building schools?

"The Surest Path to Achieve Your Financial Freedom"

I’m not tooting any horns here.

I’m also not saying you’ll retire with hundreds of millions like what some “gurus” preach, but you’ll realize most of the wealthy individuals have made their money through investing.

And it’s possible to have a tiny cut of the massively profitable financial pie.

Here’s what top media publisher Forbes has to say about billionaires and investing…

I’m not the only one who thinks investing is the surest path to provide yourself with an income you cannot outlive.

Here’s what another financial media powerhouse CNBC has to say…

Here’s the thing, you want a strategy which suits your lifestyle, time and commitment. 

Model how the pros used the stock market to make themselves rich, but don’t burn yourself out through all the constant research you have to do.

This is why we focus on The Power Stack — an easy to use, proven recipe which uses a long forgotten strategy called dividend growth investing, to power your way to achieving your financial goals painlessly.

Studies from a Wall Street Journal article have confirmed that a dividend investing strategy focusing on growing their dividends has also performed better than the S&P 500 over the past 50 years.

Honestly, here’s your chance to finally focus on what works — a better way to grow your wealth safely without having to go through all that painful research.

I’m excited to share this with you today…


"Watch Me Uncover the Power Stack of Picking a Dividend Winner"

-- Right in Front of Your Eyes

And learn how to get from zero to profitable investing, painlessly.

Dividend Titan Master Toolkit gives you behind-the-scenes look at The Power Stack of proven recipes I use to handpick dividend growers that will make send you money year after year.

…But I was completely wiped out. 

Almost throwing in the towel. 

It took me 10 years to discover this.

The first time, I got screwed using a trading software. Then, I tried to run my little fund to the ground thinking I can copy what the pros did. No Bahama Mama for me.

I wanted to get this right, but I started to wonder if I’d ever find a happy balance where I could invest safely yet be profitable, and most importantly it has to be painless.

The words kept whispering in my head: “It shouldn’t be this hard.”

All I knew investing was hard, frustrating work. 

And worst of all, the results felt random back then. Sometimes I hit a winner, often I’d picked a losing stock. And I’d be left sitting in my desk wondering why I’m not getting the returns I want.

This isn’t a bloated, fluffy lecture about investing. 

It’s a focused personal demonstration of how I unveil 3 unbreakable building blocks you must know in our Toolkit.

Here’s what you get when you unbox our pilot launch of: 

The Complete, Step-by-Step
Dividend Titan Master Toolkit

Module 1: Investment Bootcamp

You’ll button up the basics, where I share tons of personal tips to get you all strapped up. 

You’ll go through what I call a “mind hack”, going through the foundations of the Power Stack recipe, why dividend growth investing works and how you can ride on the engine of dividends to accelerate your financial goals.

Module 2: The 9-Step Dividend Matrix

The magic starts here, going behind the curtain of “The Wide Moat” and “Growing Dividends”. You’re going to unpack the entire 9-steps Dividend Matrix together with me that will give you full control of your investing wheel. 

These are 9 easy to follow steps to investing profitably

This is the exact formula I use to make tons of money from investing. If you think investing is only for the pros, wait till you’ve walked through this. You’ll start improving your returns just by following this formula. 

I’ll demonstrate ways to spot a high quality business. 

What’s even better is I’ll guide you how to laser-scan a company’s financial numbers so you pick only what matters. You’ll know by the end which companies will give you the highest potential returns for the lowest risk years after years.

Module 3: Hunting for Dividend Titans

You’ll discover how to screen profitable stocks which are secretly hidden in places of the stock market, right from your very own bedroom. You don’t even need to get out of the house. 

I’ll show you how to do it like the pros, the short-cut way. 

This will save you tons of time, focusing on the best possible stocks to make money from.

Module 4: Quick Hack to Calculate Right Price

“When should I buy or sell a stock?” That’s the key question the “Right Ticket Price” will answer. 

Here’s the thing, Wall Street always likes to make it complicated with all that jazzed-up financial models. 

I’ll show you exactly how to calculate the right entry price of a stock. 

Many investors have no idea when to cash in their stocks. And when the stock drops back down, it’s back to square one. 

No worries, you’ll learn when to cash in your stocks and enjoy the profits. 

This method proved very successful for me and it’s easy to use.

BONUS Module: Putting It All Together Into a Winning Portfolio

Here’s the thing, you also need to learn how to manage all your winners in a portfolio so that each one of them contributes to your investing success. 

Watch me take you through how smart portfolio management can boost your returns, lower your risk and create your personal freedom way faster.

It’ll be a jam-packed suitcase of materials to absorb, and you’ll enjoy yourself. What you’ll ultimately achieve is building a dividend machine you can be proud of.

We also want you to make sure you can start making money right away after unpacking the Toolkit, and I’m making it easier so you know exactly what to do…

That’s why you’ll also get…

Our 7-Figure Dividend Titan Master Analytics & Checklist

Getting from zero to profitable investing is simple and easy, and I’m going to make it even easier by helping break down all the complicated steps and put them into an easy-to-digest checklist to pick dividend growers. 

I’ve shared this both Analytics & Checklist to a tiny group of people and they have greatly benefited from it. I’ll make sure you’ll never be overwhelmed or lost on what to do next. 

Just key in the numbers to check off whether the numbers tell you this is a winner. 

Everything is laid out nicely for you. A short-cut. 

This way, you’ll know if a stock is a potential winner, or if it’s a no-go.

Exclusive Ongoing Q&A Live Support and Future Content Upgrade

As a 21st century family man, regrettably, I know nothing about how to fix a car or repair an AC. 

Renaissance man? Ask me questions on Jeopardy or the prime minister of New Zealand or the capital of Norway and I’ll stare at you as blankly as a dead fish. 

But ask me how to uncover company red flags and I’ll answer you even in my deepest REM sleep. 

Having been through a decade of investing personally and professionally, I’m at your service to provide you with ongoing Q&A Live Support to make sure you are on the right track to growing your money.

Plus, my Toolkit is always evolving, and this one-time investing is going to include all my future upgrades. 

The future value of this Toolkit is just going to increase. 

But Wait, You Immediately Get
a $100/- Off If You Get Started Today!

You might have missed it in my earlier announcements but this is the first ever online Toolkit made accessible online, and since we’re having a first launch, if you get the Toolkit now, you’ll enjoy a straight $100 off and get ALL the materials plus future upgrades.

I want to make sure you get all you need to go from zero to investing profitably. 

These modules are packed in 13 videos delivered through an easy-to-use visual dashboard.

You simply click and listen to all the videos step-by-step to complete the Toolkit. 

The modules come with case studies, graphs, charts to better illustrate the materials so you can grasp the concepts faster.


Yes! Willie makes complicated concept simple to understand. He makes sure he cuts right to the chase and get you started from zero to investing profitably. You don’t need any prior experience. What’s more, with our lifetime access, you can watch the videos as many time as you need.

There are 4 Modules with a Bonus Module specially designed for this offer. These modules are broken down into 13 easy to follow videos which you can watch at anytime at your convenience. This is a live recording of how Willie applies his investing processes so you know exactly what to do. There’ll be no guesswork for you.

You only need to know how to add, subtract, multiply and dividend. All technical concepts are explained in simple easy to understand terms. This is suitable for all age groups.

Yes! Willie and his clients, family and friends have benefited greatly from this simple strategy.  A Ned Davis Research has shown that returns of $100 invested in the S&P 500 Index based on dividends outperformed non-dividend stocks by more than 4 times.

In a similar research, they also found that 42% of the yearly returns of the S&P 500 between 1926 to 2013 was mostly coming from dividends. Dividend growth investing is a fantastic way to grow your wealth.

Dividend Titan Master Toolkit can be applied to global stocks. Willie has been investing in the US, Hong Kong and Singapore stock markets and have been very successful using the techniques behind the Dividend Titan Master Toolkit.

Yes! The techniques behind the Dividend Titan Master Toolkit has benefited several hundred students. It really depends how far you want to take this journey. You can’t make money just by doing nothing. You need to apply the concepts with discipline and effort.

Absolutely! Watch Willie show you how the entire dividend growth investing process is done right in front of you through all 13 videos packed into the Dividend Titan Master Toolkit. There’s no similar Toolkit available elsewhere.

Don’t worry, Willie stands by his work. If you have ran through all 13 videos and you feel this is not for you, please drop us an email within 30 days and you get your full refund right away.

We use advanced encryption and security to protect your payment information. Your personal details are never shared with anyone. We can’t even see your credit card number. Plus, if you face any issues with payment, you are protected by our iron-clad 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

I want to make sure you get all you need to go from zero to investing profitably. These modules are packed in 13 videos delivered through an easy-to-use visual dashboard.

You simply click and listen to all the videos step-by-step to complete the Toolkit. The modules come with case studies, graphs, charts to better illustrate the materials so you can grasp the concepts faster.

Here's What People Are Saying

"One of the things I like is Willie really go in-depth in teaching us how to read and analyse a financial statement. This really gives me more confidence when investing as I understand what the numbers really meant. The course is really great value for money. I think the value that I have gotten is so much more than the price I have paid for this course."
Rave Ratings
"The course is very good as it gives us a very strong foundation in stock investing. I have been playing stocks for many years but without good knowledge. I always think if I had come for the course sooner, I would have made better money in the stock market and avoid unnecessary losses."
Nellie Ho
Rave Ratings
"Willie is passionate about making sure his analysis ends up enhancing clients' portfolio decisions. He spends a lot of time to communicate his views in a clear and decisive way, whether in writing or face to face.”
Johan Jooste
Cape Town, South Africa
Rave Ratings
"Willie was a high energy person with a positive attitude and was well liked by his teammates. He approached each day as an opportunity to learn something new, gain a new experience. However, his curiosity extended beyond simply company credit analysis. Willie had a thirst for learning about the capital markets in general, and about the economic and political forces that influ enc ed the markets.”
Todd Schubert
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Rave Ratings
Lastly, (I think this is the most important point), Willie has the great passion to share his investing knowledge. He consistently encouraged us to practice what he has shared in the class. We even meet outside the class to discuss value investing! His passion towards value investing is contagious which has motivated all of us to walk the talk, practice what we have learned! This is really the key to the value investing world!”
Roger Chua
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"Our UNBEATABLE Guarantee"

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We’ve packed so much into the Dividend Titan Master Toolkit. I want to make sure you not only get our materials before you fully commit to this — you have my iron-glad guarantee of having 30 days to digest, and implement the strategy. You’ll know if this is really working for you. 

Give this a try. If you don’t LOVE it, I insist you get 100% of your money back. I’ll even absorb the payment fees. 

It’s simple: Join us and try the Dividend Titan Master Toolkit for yourself. 

If the Power Stack of proven recipes don’t help you improve your investing skills within 30 days, I want you to email me at [email protected] 

No hassles. No hard feelings.

I want to show you how serious we are. You have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose. The guarantee lasts 30 days, which more than covers the Toolkit. This means you can try the ENTIRE materials and decide if it’s for you.

Bottomline: The Dividend Titan Master Toolkit will show you how to get you from zero to profitable investing painlessly. And it’s 100% risk-free.

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