Bigger Picture: Budget 2023 Market Winners & Losers

16 February 2023: Willie Keng, Founder, Dividend Titan, discusses which sectors will benefit from the handouts from Budget 2023 the most, and conversely who the losers are.

Money and Me: Which 10 Singapore REITs Could Be Poised to Do Well in 2023?

7 February 2023: A steady compounder? A slice of the digital future in your portfolio? Michelle Martin asks Willie Keng to fill us in on the ONE Singapore REIT we all need to know about and more of what has caught his eye for 2023.

Money and Me: Are More Dividends in 2023 Possible?

9 January 2023: On this episode of Money & Me, Michelle Martin invites Willie Keng to discuss dividend stocks to watch — including REITs, recruitment businesses, food solutions and a stock that’s the latest addition to the Singapore Exchange.

Money and Me: 3 Stocks You Might Want to Include in Your Portfolio Today!

2 November 2022: While local banks are expected to remain beneficiaries of rising interest rates, are there any hidden gems worth considering in this time of economic uncertainty?

Money and Me: Are These Good Dividend Stocks in an Inflationary Environment?

10 August 2022: A bank in China, a consumer company and a Singapore hospitality Reit are on Willie Keng, Founder, Dividend Titan and Michelle Martin’s list of potential dividend stocks

Stocks to Watch: SIA, Daiwa House Logistics Trust and Alibaba

30 Jun 2022: I talk about SIA Rights and why it’s attractive to invest in them now. Also with the Japanese Yen weakening, what will the business outlook for Daiwa House Logistics Trust. And lastly, Alibaba stock losing over 44% over the last one year, what can we expect for this stock.

Money and Me: Dividend Stocks with a Local Twist

9 Jun 2022: How do we find good dividend paying stocks given present market conditions? Are there some right under our noses? I share my view on high yield dividend stocks with Michelle Martin!

Stocks to Watch: Yanlord, Venture Corporation and TSMC

19 May 2022: Yanlord’s shares have dropped over 7% in the last month. Venture Corp shares are being negatively affected by the war in Ukraine and supply chain disruptions. TSMC’s shares down 15% due to rate hikes. Can these companies recover?

Stocks to Watch: Elite Commercial REIT, CapitaLand Investment Management and Starbucks

14 April 2022: I talk about the sustainability of Elite Commercial REIT as Singapore’s first UK-focused REIT; how much potential upside to CapitaLand Investment Management as an “asset-light” property investment firm; how much more consumers are willing to pay for coffee at Starbucks, especially in the face of rising inflation.

Stocks to Watch: No Signboard’s Volunteers to Suspend Trading. What’s Next?

10 February 2022: The Covid-19 pandemic and the slew of arbitrary restrictions imposed had undoubtedly impact many business sectors in Singapore. The F&B industry is no expcetion. Unfortunately, for No Signboard, a catalist-listed seafood restaurant operator famed for its White Pepper Crab, recently made headlines for failing to pay their rent of more than S$176,000. I analyze their biggest fundamental flaw and why they are in such a bad position compared to other restaurants like Jumbo.

Year With Singapore REITs [SGO 30 With Willie Keng]

We have been banging the drum about getting more defensive in this macro climate and in this episode, we are going to dive deep into one way we can do that: dividend investing and REITs!

We will explore why we may want to do it, why the Singapore market is suited for it and what we should & shouldn’t look out for when picking REITs.

Diversify Your REIT Risk With This Healthcare REIT In Singapore
[SGO 31 With Willie Keng]

Parkway Life REIT is Asia’s largest listed healthcare REIT yet not many have heard of it. However, if you are in Singapore, you would definitely know the properties they own! 

Everyone knows the healthcare sector is booming due to Covid and in the longer term, the aging population. 

Let’s take a dive and see what this REIT has to offer! 

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