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I started Dividend Titan in 2020 to help people grow their wealth safely and profitably. Along the way, my readers and members have said positive words of encourage that mean a great deal to me. 

You can read some of them below.

Thank you.

Willie Keng, CFA

Note: Some testimonials have been edited to maintain the privacy of my readers and members.


Good morning Willie, 

It’s always enjoyable reading your write-up. You’ve made investing so interesting and your perceptions are so different from other writers and analysts in the stock market. 

Very professional in every way.

I’m so privileged to be your student. 

Your sharing was so insightful and you’ve made it so easy to understand despite my IT illiteracy and age. You’ve a unique method of selecting dividend stocks that I’m impressed. Your evaluation of companies based on your metrics gave me a better understand of why you chose specific companies as good candidates for dividends. That’s a revelation that runs contrary to normal selection — good performing stocks with increasing prices. 

I’ve begun to appreciate the type of companies with light inventories that generate consistent revenue, profits and rewarding dividends through good free cash flow.  

Dividend Titan and Titan’s Diligence stock service are great so far. Keep it up.

I’ve gone through Titan’s Diligence. Great stuff and write-up. Thanks!

Please keep up the good work, learning a lot from you. Enjoyed reading your article on Top 10 REITs in Singapore. Appreciate it.

Titan’s Diligence prepares me for a major downturn. To position myself in long term dividend paying stocks. 

Dear Willie, 

I know 1,000 thank you cannot show how much I appreciate your help. I’m clearer with my path and what to do! Really thankful from my heart and appreciate your generosity in sharing your experience and knowledge. Knowing there’s still someone out there like you! Gives me hope there’s still kindness somewhere.

I’m so grateful I took your advice to practice strict risk management by limiting investments in a specific stock. Even if the stock goes all the way down to zero, it won’t impact my overall portfolio. 

So, once again, Willie, thank you!

Good morning Willie, 

Last Saturday’s Q&A webinar was very interesting, enjoyable and insightful. I like your selection of “capital-efficient” businesses. It really makes business sense. 

Hi Willie, 

I find the Toolkit helpful and easy to understand. I hope to go through again to better absorb the content to build up my portfolio of dividend stocks for regular, retirement income. 

I’m 58 years old and have stopped working a few years ago. 

Hi Willie, 

I find the Toolkit helpful and easy to understand. I hope to go through again to better absorb the content to build up my portfolio of dividend stocks for regular, retirement income. 

I’m 58 years old and have stopped working a few years ago. 

Your session this morning was good and useful.

I really like your Toolkit as it imparts the skillsets like evaluating stocks using the 9 steps, reading annual reports to find out some of the financial ratios and the master checklist to capture all the metrics. I paid for the Toolkit, yet I got easily more than 10 times the value. 

I’m 62 years old and have a few more years before retirement. I can use the skillsets learnt to go through your Top 10 Singapore REITs Guide for this year. And see which ones are worth buying now. 

Thank you so much for offering this Dividend Toolkit at such an affordable price. 

Hi Willie, 

First of all, I want to thank you for writing about the insurance business in the last newsletter. It’s very well written. 

You have helped demystify the insurance and I gained so much better understanding about how the insurance company make money and what are the most important parameter to look for. 

For many years, I used to hate looking at the insurance business because they are very difficult to understand. but your newsletter just changed my perspective. Thank you!

Hi Willie, 

I’m new to your membership community. Enjoyed reading all your informative reports on the company’s business analysis. And it gives me more confidence on picking stocks to invest. 

Your blog and articles are informative and give us food for though when considering our investments. I’ve shared Dividend Titan with my junior colleagues and told them to consider following you or at least take into account the information you provide. 

Stay safe and God Bless. 

Thanks Willie. You write good stuff. Wish someone like you was doing this when I was much younger. But better late than never.

I like your investment approach — data driven, sound and principled. Dure to the limited time on hand, your articles remain the resources I use most. 

Keep them coming!

Wish I read your report on “How to Safely Build a Long-Lasting Portfolio” when I started stock investing. It would help me evade a five figure loss which took me years to recover. 

Your analysis are very insightful and useful to a retail investor like me. I especially like “7 Things You Need to Know About Buffett’s Secret Logic — Dividends”.

After 15 years, never have I found such common sense in stock investing.

You’ve given me the confidence to invest again. Thanks for all the insights. My returns since I started with you last year. 

You’re sincere and prompt in replying. And helping retail investors to grow stocks with good due diligence, on capital gains + dividend yield + dividend growth.

I find your Dividend Toolkit educational for a lazy beginner like me. Quite interesting to realize various types of dividend distribution and its “trap” of high dividends with pictures/helpful website hints to be aware of. I share take my time to finish all the rest of the lessons. 

It’s a pity you did not share how beneficial this Toolkit for those lazy investors like me. And being spoon fed by your Toolkit, with a very competitive price in the market. 

I binge read all your articles. 

Your analysis on J&J helped me understand the concept of dividend growth much better. I used to avoid stocks with low dividend yield because I didn’t grasp how future dividend (and capital) growth can contribute to wealth building. 

Your article was really an eye opener.

You just saved my life. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration but you did save me from falling into this value trap. It’s such a coincidence I was looking at this counter and wondering why it’s performing badly. 

Suffice to say, I’ll be following you and staying away from… Besides knowing what to invest in, it’s equally or even more important to know what not to invest in.

I think your weekly and monthly newsletters have the power to move counters. Every time they are issued, the counters go up in price. Can’t be a coincidence?

Maybe there are a few big whales in Diligence.

I’ve finally got time to finish watching your videos. Thank you very much for your systematic and clear explanation on the 9-steps process. 

Feeling excited to start analyzing some stocks and to start my dividend growers’ portfolio.

Thank you so much for your sharing. Appreciate your time and effort. your Toolkit was really helpful in getting me started. I feel more confident after watching all the videos and after chatting with you.

Hi Willie, 

I’m very thankful for your insight and personal advices. It definitely helps me a great deal. Do you know you’re very different from the rest? You’re very genuine and sincere. And you treat your subscribers as if they are your friend. At least I’m having such feelings. You’re selfless. You share what you know.

I really appreciate and always think very highly of your writing. 

Looking forward to your Diligence newsletters and writings on stocks.

Thanks for the live webinar this morning. It gives me insights to your stock assessment process, I know will benefit me.

Hi Willie, 

Thanks for this note. Written in your usual engaging style. And at the same time, full of wisdom.

Hi Willie,

Thanks for the write-up. There’s always some nuggets of gold.

Appreciate it very much.

Hi Willie,

Thank you for your kind and generous sharing on safe investing. Your emails are very encouraging and inspiring.

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