"Where to invest $1,000 right now?"

There's still a FORTUNE to be made off Singapore REITs even with rising inflation...
Even with rising interest rates!

But one wealthy fund isn’t betting on Singapore blue-chips like CapitaLand Integrated Mall Trust, or Ascendas REIT.

Instead, this fund is quietly plowing their money into a little-known, “behind-the-scenes” Singapore landlord that’s far less obvious… 

But far more valuable.

And the fund is already way ahead of everyone — they racked up 109% gains (including dividends) since they put their money in this Singapore REIT three years ago.

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From the Desk of Willie Keng, CFA

Founder of Dividend Titan

As you’re probably aware, inflation grew the fastest pace at 7% since Jun 1982. That’s nearly 40 years. 

Even in Singapore, the CPI has continued to spike up.

And the media cannot stop talking about the fact that things are going to get more and more expensive.

Even the Fed’s Chairman, Mr. Jerome Powell admitted they misjudged inflation. 

By right, they should be seeing lower inflation. But that’s not it.

He said: “The Fed had initially forecast that inflation would pop early in 2021 and then fade, but policymakers… got that wrong.”

Even the Singapore REIT Index has already fell 6% since last year Nov 2021. And it’s about to get worse…

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Inflation may sound like a dirty word. 

And that’s because if inflation gets too persistent, people will think inflation gets too high, interest rates will keep going higher and higher, leading to a recession. 

And this forces Singapore REITs to borrow at a much higher interest rates.

But the truth is, according to this wealth investor…

“Property values tend to rise with overall price environment, as higher prices for labor, land and materials used in construction can raise the economic threshold for new development…”

A bit of inflation can be good for the economy.

Savvy investors have already bought this. But not many know about this. And you can join them for the next big payout, if yo act now.

With inflation causing a potential crisis in the markets, there’s never been a perfect time to look at this REIT.

Because this Singapore REIT has a unique twist that could help secure you a small fortune…

Exactly, what are we talking about here?

You see, this little-known stock has already produced 300% gains since its IPO in 2007. 

If you’d invested just $1,000 in this little known stock, you’d be sitting on over $5,000, including dividends.

Source: ShareInvestor Webpro

Sure, past performance doesn’t guarantee future performance.

But what I know is there are many smart investors invested in this stock.

Besides, this Singapore REIT has a…

Special rent formula that guarantees outperformances during inflation 

Wait, what? Yes, you heard me.

As inflation goes up, it’s legally guaranteed it will collect higher rent. 

Inflation or not, this landlord will always be making a profit. 

Don’t forget, REITs collect rent and pay out 90% of their distribution as dividends.

I’ll explain…

This Singapore REIT’s tenants have agreed to pay the REIT a base rent plus a variable rent. This means the REIT gets to enjoy higher profit sharing as its tenants make more money.

But here’s what’s even better (I dug through page 118 of the IPO prospectus).

This Singapore REIT also has another component where it will collect rent based on CPI inflation plus 1%. This REIT will collect whichever is higher of the two rent formulas (see below)

Even if tenants don’t grow their profits, but inflation keeps going up, this Singapore REIT continues to collect growing rents from their tenants.

That’s why it’s hard to see why its impossible for rent to fall. 

It’s guaranteed to give you rising dividends year after year.

What’s this Singapore REIT? 

It’s a major healthcare landlord that rents out properties to hospitals and healthcare operators in Singapore. 

According to research, Singapore’s sophisticated private healthcare industry have attracted many foreign patients. 

And these patients come from as far as China and the Middle East. And also from neighbouring countries like Indonesia and Brunei.

According to International Trade Administration, Singapore’s healthcare market is expect to grow to US$49 billion by 2029. 

And the government is going to spend US$36 billion by 2029. 

While private healthcare spending is expected to be US$13.5 billion.

You’ll agree with me Singapore is the future medical hub of the region and offers Asia’s best healthcare system. 

This is reflected by the country’s high life expectancies and lowest infant mortality in the world. 

Yet, what’s crucial to know is Singapore faces a lack of medical expertise and facilities. Especially greater demand for specialized elderly care.

I don’t think there’s much of a competition here for this Singapore REIT.

If you think about it, this Singapore REIT is like gold in hyperinflation — with the potential for much higher returns.

Even better, it makes money from a tailwind of a growing private healthcare industry.

I’d say it’s…

The single, most profitable trade during an inflation crisis.

Even though it’s much smaller than the big blue-chip Singapore REITs, it still stands head and shoulders above the rest.

There is one more big point I like to say.

This Singapore REIT is not stopping anytime soon. In fact, it’s about to pump in another S$150 million of capital investment to upgrade its properties.

Company management has said that: “there will be a guaranteed rent step-up of 2-3% a year until 2025.”

In other words, rent will go up by another 39% over the next three years.

But what’s more important is, as the market improves from inflation and normalizes going forward, 

Just over the last 12 months, it rewarded shareholders with over S$63 million of dividends. This is much higher than it was compared to a year ago.

And since it got listed on the Singapore Exchange in 2007, its distribution has been going up, uninterrupted, year after year.

Even during the COVID pandemic, it continued to go up.

Source: Company Presentation Slides

*This Singapore REIT paid out special “one-off” distributions in 2015 and 2017.

But that’s not all.

Currently, it owns over 50 properties in Japan healthcare properties

What this Singapore REIT does is it leases out its properties to healthcare operators at ever rising rent rates.

And in Japan, it’s buying up more properties to rent out to healthcare operators.

We know in Japan that the country faces a challenging elderly care aging population.

And that’s where this Singapore REIT is expected to grow higher profits over the next few years.

So, if you ask me, this Singapore REIT is set to soar even higher by plowing more money to grow its portfolio and improve its property services.

The thing is, recently, its shares are going nowhere. It’s trading like any other Singapore REITs right now. Only that it has the special rent formula that other Singapore REIT’s doesn’t have.

Shares traded at the highest back in 2017, but continued to grow even higher.

It’s not some lucky soar but the fact that rising prices, healthcare costs and a huge demand for Singapore’s medical expertise has shot this stock even higher…

Hello, my name is Willie Keng, CFA. 

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In 2015, I was one of the very few analysts who called for the Singapore oil & gas bonds collapse, warning my bank’s clients to exit their oil & gas bonds. 

In 2016, I recommended clients to sell their Hyflux shares, one of the fastest growing Singapore companies, revealing its high leverage and lack of profits. 

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Right now, I’ve put together a brand-new premium research report that runs down all the reasons why these 3 “inflation-proof” stocks are going to be the next winner for 2022. 

And the Singapore REIT I’ve mentioned is just one of them!

If you like to get this report, simply key in your email and I’ll send the report straight into your inbox. 

Here’s to the next 10x for your portfolio.

Sometimes, investing can be simple. 

Yours truly, 

Willie Keng, CFA

Founder, Dividend Titan

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