Yoman started his career in the civil service, then made a career switch into fund management when a quant fund manager took a liking for his programming and data analysis skillset.  He started out humbly enough as a desk assistant, supporting fund managers in data entry, collection and analytics.

Later on, he progressed to become a fund manager with extensive data management and analytics experience.  His work covered data crunching to find optimal trading parameters for placing bets, bidding for deals, position sizing, trading and implementing investment strategies.

While the fund management industry is full of UPs and downs, Yoman was blessed with good bosses and pleasant seniors, and had successfully “retired” from his fund manager career a few years ago. Now he is pursuing Data Analytics and Machine Learning, in the spirit of lifelong learning.

In his free time, Yoman enjoys nature walks and listening to light music, while playing Chinese Chess online.

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